Sarmassophobia or malaxophobia is the fear of love play. It is weakly considered a branch of philophobia , fear of love. This phobia is often associated with the persistent fear of situations, objects, activities or persons that involves love play, like unwittingly getting kissing by them a lot. This fear could have been a conditioned response because one knows that love play could lead to sex and this person might have an underlying fear of sex, rape, or of getting pregnant. Some might have an underlying notion that sex is bad as was taught to them by their parents or taught to them by their priest or pastor. Most of the people who fear love play are conservative women who were taught by their parents not to lose their virginity before getting married. The main symptom of sarmassophobia is avoiding love play, or even not be in a relationship in order to avoid it more readily. People may have issues with the relationship and are often unhappy with their romantic life. This fear may have sprung from a traumatic event with a lover or even a dating game or even just a previous traumatic encounter.

How To Overcome Your 6 Biggest Dating Fears

Charlotte stressed the difference between her phobia and a fear of commitment, saying:. Romantic intimacy and all of that makes me so uncomfortable. The young author and mental health advocate is still in the early days of therapy and hopes she will overcome her fear. It can affect people in committed relationships. Some of the love play activities, like kissing and cuddling, are very intimate — more intimate than intercourse, which can be quite perfunctory.

The fear of falling in love is real. a specific fear of crowds and inescapable situations (like a first date). Sarmassophobia: fear of foreplay.

Phobias effect people of all ages, social classes and race, but more women are impacted by some form of phobia than men. Over 25 million Americans suffer from a type of phobia. Phobias can lead to depression and severe anxiety issues. Only a fourth of all people with phobias seek treatment. The reported numbers of people suffering from a phobia are low because they are often under-reported due to many factors, including a stigma associated with mental illness and a lack of adequate funding for treatment.

Welcome to my site for Sarmassophobia. Included on this site is the detailed information below, a Phobia Types tab to help viewers understand phobias and the specific types and finally various books, treatments, tips to help with phobias. Sarmassophobia is the fear of love play i. An interesting fact about this fear is that it is typically used to describe women and not men. The origin of the word sarmasso is Greek meaning love play and phobia is Greek meaning fear. Sarmassophobia is considered to be a social phobia, which is discussed on the Phobia Types page.

Sarmassophobia is also called Malaxophobia and related to Philemaphobia or Philematophobia which both mean fear of kissing. It is generally accepted that phobias arise from a combination of external events i.

Do You Think You Have Sarmassophobia?

If you are experiencing a certain fear of dating and relationships, then you might be suffering from sarmassophobia. It includes fear of situations, objects, activities, or even people involved in kissing or flirting that happens during dates. If you are feeling afraid of trying out online dating , or dating in general, for fear that it will eventually lead to intimacy, or if you keep covering up your status as single blessedness, you might really have sarmassophobia.

Below are some signs and symptoms of this psychological condition:.

Back to: List of phobias Sarmassophobia (or malaxophobia) is the fear of love This fear may have sprung from a traumatic event with a lover or even a dating.

It’s pretty difficult to get close to someone else if you can’t stand the thought of being touched. That said, Mandel takes medicine to control his condition and has been happily married—for 36 years! So, there’s always a way. Phobia with agoraphobia used to have things a lot worse. It’s dating a huge struggle, but there’s at least fear internet phobia find connection remotely. From is often associated with being afraid phobia leave the house, but it’s actually a specific fear of crowds and inescapable situations intimacy a first date.

People with metrophobia don’t enjoy dating their lovers whisper sweet nothings in their ears. On the bright side, you’ll be disappointed that your S.

Understanding Pistanthrophobia, or the Fear of Trusting People

For twenty-two years, I wore my sarmassophobia , also known as a fear of dating and relationships, like an itchy blanket. In high school, I desperately wanted a boyfriend, but my anxiety about being awkward kept me from giving any connection a chance. When an older boy asked me to the movies, I brought along two of my best friends. Looking back, I cringe at how uncomfortable that entire situation truly was.

My own anxiety led me straight into the outcome I feared: I was awkward. In college, I spent my time studying, playing volleyball, volunteering, and participating in clubs.

Another note, Bumbles just a Walking Deal Breakers Have Mastered Dating Profile Tips for dealing with Statistics All Relate To Sarmassophobia Fear of Love at.

Attempting to deal with a phobia at a conscious level is often ineffective. This is because phobias happen automatically below the level of conscious awareness. In fact many people are fully aware of how illogical their phobic reactions are, but no matter how much they attempt to consciously control and rationalise them, the reaction still occurs. It is important to be sure about what you are actually afraid of, as many people assume they have a phobia, when in fact they may have an anxiety or a panic disorder, which needs to be treated differently to a phobia.

Usually most people with a phobia will also have some anxiety related to the phobia. The most complete and effective way to eliminate or reduce the phobia is to change the association between the stimulus and the response, so that the stimulus triggers a different response instead. Phobias with a single specific trigger, for example fear of spiders, can often be dealt with very quickly in 1 to 4 sessions.

More complex phobias, anxieties and panic disorders, like public speaking phobia, and social phobia, with more triggers and complexity, will require much more time, so around 8 to 12 sessions or more are often required. Please leave this field empty. Your Name required. Your Email required. Your phone required. Preferred time of day leave blank for no preference Morning Afternoon Evening.

Do You Suffer From Sarmassophobia (AKA Fear of Dating)?

Not having heard of sarmassophobia, I had to do some digging. I learned that sarmassophobia or malaxophobia is the fear of love play, for example, caressing, fondling, or other acts of physical intimacy. For women who have been sexually victimized, developing a fear of love play is completely understandable. Or perhaps it could simply be the result of not wanting to move fast with men, not wanting to be used for sex or seen as a sex object, or not feeling comfortable enough with someone to engage in love play.

How do I get over having sarmassophobia (fear of dating/relationships) if I’ve never been in a relationship?

However, these dating nerves could actually be something more serious. Here are 12 signs you might have an actual fear of dating and relationships:. Hell no. When you joined Tinder, you were accustomed to swiping left on many guys for really small things. Eyebrow piercing? Swipe left!

I Tried Hypnotherapy to Resolve My Fear of Dating

Well, this could very well be the truth especially if you are feeling anxious anytime you go on a date with someone new. You are very fussy. Others say you are too picky, but you are just afraid of the actual meet up. You feel physically sick before going out on a date. What they will be like. You are extremely stressed and anxious.

Sarmassophobia: The Fear of Dating. Don’t stay paralyed after being hurt. You deserve more. STAND UP FOR YOUR H Open To Love Again.

If that were the first time I had upset a guy this way, maybe I would have been offended. Unfortunately, this was a familiar occurrence and his message actually brought a feeling of relief. I could have told him that our first and last date gave me nightmares. That it ruined my entire week as I couldn’t wait for it to happen only for it to be over.

I could’ve told him how I almost ran back to the tube, but forced myself encouraged by friends who told me ‘it’s just one date. I’m not heartless, I just have sarmassophobia. That can happen when, as a child, you have been neglected a lot. In childhood, you learn that it’s safe to express your emotions thanks to your parents. If a parent doesn’t have an instinct to provide that, this person can become untrustworthy to others.

They don’t trust other people to take control because they don’t trust that other person can be there for them. Woodbridge stresses that there can be different ‘attachment styles’, such as our lifestyles for instance.


Merriam-Webster defines a phobia as “an exaggerated, usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation. Some people even lose the ability to speak when they are faced with their phobias. Phobias basically bring about some of the most intense panic attacks you’ll ever experience. There are some pretty strange phobias out there—you might wonder how someone could possibly be scared of certain things or ideas—like the phobia of wet dreams called oneirogmophobia.

In order to alleviate some of my stress, I wrote some things down that may be getting at the root of my fear (or discomfort) at the thought of dating.

Post a comment. So I was coerced by a friend to date this doctor friend of hers who I was assured was nott a weirdo, part of a cult or currently dating someone…good start. Standardly, I checked him out on Facebook.. A couple of quite fun but confusing phone calls later, I was beginning to rethink the whole physical meeting. Who knows? Being one of the most scorching days in London, by the time I arrived in a rush to the meet up point the heels had come off to be replaced with my flats, my makeup was dripping off my face and the mini deodorant I had in my bag bought especially for this occasion did some Great start I thought, but to my surprise and delight, the dreamy-eyed hot doc approached..

Minimalistic awkward time to pretend to be looking at something on my phone was definitely worthy of a gold star! The extremely loooong walk to a bar he had chosen which turned out to be closed! This way, I had a great opportunity to check out the assets YES guys, we do it too!!! To put it simply, I was in pure confusion how he had got those jeans on. Camon guys , do a bit of pre-date homework would ya!!!

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