By Anderland , January 31 in Motorcycles. Although i still have to work on it quite a bit to get it running the way i want it, i really like this motorcycle! I found a german website which did shed a light on the history a little bit, but i could not fully understand every number and the way everything is connected. Oh dear Hello Jonas, welcome here, I’m sure Jan here will chime in, with more information you would ever think was imaginable, but a small note about the arrow and the numbers, M26 this is an inspectors stamping. Please send me a PM and I’ll send you a document with all the information that you’re after. No probs, I’m having a WD-C restored right now!

File:Bike royal enfield revelation bicycle frame number bootiebike

Royal Enfield has been facing tough times in recent months due to the overall declining trend in the domestic two-wheeler market as well as the sharp drop in its best-selling models. Most notably, the Classic is suffering huge sales slump every month despite the Interceptor and Continental GT breaking new barriers in garnering volume. The Twins registered more than 1, units in June but at the expense of heavily declining numbers of the cc Classic, Bullet and Thunderbird.

The homegrown manufacturer is indeed working on the next-generation range of its popular retro motorcycles judging by the often-surfacing spy pictures on the internet.

NB: Royal Enfield frame and engine numbers are very often not unique, which is why we require the pictures and rubbings. This also avoids any possible.

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The company finalises its trading name as The Enfield Cycle Co. Royal Enfield delves into motorsport when one of its quadricycles enters the inaugural Mile Trial. Following a torturous cross-country route from London to Edinburgh and back, the event does much to convince the British public of the viability of motorised transport.

The first Royal Enfield motorcycle is produced. The rear wheel is driven by a long rawhide belt.

Royal Enfield Frame Dating

Home Search Calendar Login Register. Login Register. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4 Link 5. You guys seem to trust these lists in order to date bikes, but this is not reliable. This has given rise to a popular mis belief as to how many cc Interceptors were produced. It would appear this has been calculated by subtracting the lowest VAX number from the highest to come up with a figure of

The Royal Enfield Bullet was originally an Indian overhead valve single cylinder four-stroke Its frame was also considerably different, having centre-spring girder front forks, being among a new range of models from Royal Enfield that featured A number of changes were implemented in order to bring the bike up to date.

Symbol of class, history and machismo, Royal Enfield motorcycles are known for their thumping sounds and dominating feeling. The company started as a bicycle manufacturing unit in in England and in Enfield started experimenting with heavy bicycle frame with Read more The company started as a bicycle manufacturing unit in in England and in Enfield started experimenting with heavy bicycle frame with engine clamped to the frames.

Prior to First World War, the company pre-fixed Royal to its name and supplied huge number of motorcycles to British army and Russian Government during the war. In India, Enfield forayed with Made-in-England imported motorcycles in Royal Enfield got a major break in the country when Government of India chose Royal Enfield Bullet as most suitable motorcycle for its Police and Army, for patrolling and commuting in remote areas.

The Government ordered Royal Enfield Bullets with cc engine.

Royal Enfield Bikes in India

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Cosmetic items are easily changed and motor and frame numbers can be altered​. Old looking (but cosmetically restored) Royal Enfield Bullets.

Royal Enfield Meteor is not launched in India yet. The upcoming motorcycle borrows styling cues from the Thunderbird but gets major revisions to its underpinnings and features. And finally, one such motorcycle has been spotted and that one is the soon-to-be-launched Meteor The Meteor is likely to be launched in the coming months and has been spotted testing with accessories loaded to the brim. No suggestions found Search by bike name e.

Select City. Royal Enfield Meteor Overview About Similar Bikes News. Expected launch date August Notify me on launch. About Meteor Royal Enfield is believed to be working on multiple new motorcycles and the Meteor will be the first product to come out of this development. The company has been actively testing the motorcycle on the public roads and its spy shots have revealed several details so far.

The Meteor boasts of design cues which are similar to the Thunderbird X, the motorcycle it will replace in the Indian market.

List of Royal Enfield motorcycles

The Royal Enfield Bullet has the longest unchanged production run of any motorcycle having remained continuously in production since The Bullet has evolved from a four-valve engine with exposed valve-gear to the latest all-alloy unit construction engine with electronic fuel-injection. Introduced in as a four-stroke single cylinder motorcycle, this model was the first to feature the Bullet name.

However, common to motorcycles of this period, it had a rigid rear-end, necessitating a ‘sprung’ seat for the rider, which resulted in the iconic look of the motorcycle that is much replicated today, even though the sprung seat is unnecessary in modern models.

This is a list of motorcycles produced under the Royal Enfield brand by the defunct original Royal Enfield Ensign, A two stroke of cc displacement and spring frame rear suspension, telescopic front forks, This model was supplied in very large numbers –44 to many services and countries around the world.

Hi David, I posted a picture in your Twitter timeline as enfielder since I couldn’t figure out how the do that here. Basically I wanted to show you that I have what appears to be a date stamped in the engine block, right under the tappet cover. It says 17 09 My RE Bullet exact same colouring as yours on your picture has an X in position 10 of the VIN, and a 4-wire alternator, positioning it in the second half of I bought the bike in while living in Greece.

I have no idea where the importer sourced them, I went there but the business has been taking over by other people, they couldn’t be bothered to tell me anything. I’ve never heard about such precise date being stamped in the engine block, so I’d like to have your opinion on that. I just checked and my Bullet has no such marking under the tappet cover. I’m stumped. I have an old RE with no motor.

I think its from the 40’s but not sure where to look for the numbers.

Royal Enfield Motorcycles

A Royal Enfield bullet happened to end up in my hands, which was registered as a disposal vehicle from the Indian Army. The numbers engraved on the chassis and the engine took us for a ride as the design of the engine cover has a similar design of a G2 engine, but the format of the numbers are quite different from that found on the G2 Engine.

Apart from that, below the fins on the left crank case further down to the number written there there are two protruding circular bulges, which we did not find on any of the G2’s that we happened to see. So we guess that the Bullet would have been manufactured at least ten years prior to that date. It also have an original heavier crank with G written on both the pieces of the Crank. Can anyone help us identify the history of this Machine, at least the year of production?

Royal Enfield Meteor is all set to launch in August with an estimated price of ₹ 1, Catch all the latest developments & exciting updates of.

Royal enfield himalayan aftermarket parts. This is easily the best road bike Royal Enfield has ever built, the counterbalancer smoothing out the vibes… not completely, but significantly. Royal Enfield Himalayan Overview All of Himalayan’s sums and parts work in perfect harmony to utilize the energy of the terrain it traverses. Royal Enfield Himalayan It looks like Royal Enfield has just broadened their lineup to include a new all purpose, on and off road motorcycle called the Himalayan.

There are no shades of grey here and the Himalayan comes in pure white and black, called snow and granite. We recommend original genuine spares to maintain and repair your vehicle as they are specifically developed for your Royal Enfield. A division of Eicher Motors Limited, Royal Enfield has created the mid-size motorcycle segment in India with its unique and distinctive modern classic motorcycles.

In addition to complete braking control, the mm front and mm rear disc brakes and Dual Channel ABS brakes help to reduce braking effort.

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Jun 4, – custom royal enfield lockstock is their fastest motorcycle to date. Honda crm supermoto, White frame and custom swingarm! Ktm Supermoto.

Royal Enfield. Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Leif Brynildsen. Determining production year. Hello, I am a new member and I have for only a few weeks been a Enfield-owner. Bought a bike from Madaan Motors in Dehli, supposed to be a Bullet , took 2 years to reach me Anyway, now it’s here, and last week I visited the auto-registry to do the paperwork, but with little success.

They said the could not verify the age of the bike from the very worn Indian vehicle document. The bike has two sets of numbers, both on engine and steering head. From what I have found here I suppose it is about correct with , but that it probably is a because of that?

Royal Enfield Custom Build! Part 2 of Craig Jones’ Build